Adobe’s ‘When I See Black’ Brings New Black Perspectives to ComplexLand

Creativity has the power to unite us, inspire us, and drive positive change in the world. Creativity exists everywhere, but not everyone has the same opportunity to share their unique perspectives.

This October, Adobe released When I See Black, a film dedicated to the spectrum of the Black experience told through the eyes and voices of Black creators set to Gregory Porter’s track “Revival.” The film features artwork from Esther LuntadilaCrystal KayizaTemi CokerBarry YusufuDevin Wesley, Aurélia DurandShani CroweYannis GuibingaAsia HallLawrence AgyeiIsmail Zaidy, and Joshua Kissi. 

From Dec. 7 – Dec. 11, Bria Nicole, Philip Kaiten, Juan Veloz, Justine Mangum of Winnie Weston, and Dana Scruggs will showcase their work within the Adobe Creativity Space. Adobe is passing the mic to Black artists so they can share, in their own words, their identity, experiences, and how they manifest into their artistic work.